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Preview: Uncanny X-Men 17
endis | Bachalo

Wolverine takes is kids to the Savage Land. Scott chooses Tabula Rasa for survival class, and he gives them no prep.

Have I said how much I like the jackets? Because I really do. I would love it if Marvel licensed someone to make these. 

I like seeing the kids on their own, having to figure things out, and watching as the group dynamics develop.

I am hoping to see Hijack become the big brother of the team. They are all brand new to the mutant club, but he has the most life experience to keep him grounded in these turbulent times. I would love to see him take on the role of personal mentor, or confidant. It seems like he has had his fair share of life drama to sort out.

I am also looking forward to seeing what type of tech he equips himself with regularly.

Everybody knows Eva is crushing on Scott, but she thought she was undercover about it. Good stuff.

If I had to guess, I would say that Bachalo enjoys drawing Christopher, the most.

Yay c:

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